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Celebrating our graduates!

On Thursday 6th February Mulgrave Private Hospital celebrated the graduation of three different programs. The Graduate Nurse Program, the Introduction to Specialty Practice and the Post Graduate Program.

Graduate Program

This was the largest group Mulgrave has had to date with 22 graduate nurses starting in January 2019.

20 Graduate Nurses completed the program, with 19 remaining employed with Mulgrave Private, and the other graduate hoping to return after 12 months overseas.

A special mention is made to Wenjing Xi who was awarded graduate of the year for her enthusiasm and dedication - congratulations Wenjing!

Introduction to Speciality Practice (ISP)

This program aims to support staff transitioning into specialty areas. 6 participants celebrated the completion of their program through Cardiac Care Unit (CCU), Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Emergency Department (ED) with several going on to enrol in post-graduate studies in their respective areas of specialty.

Post Graduate Program

We celebrated 4 students completing their Post Graduate studies through Mulgrave Private Hospital in partnership with Deakin University. 1 in CCU and 3 in ICU.