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Men's Health Week

Men’s Health Week is a timely reminder for men’s health awareness. Unfortunately, the vast majority of men do not seek out help and early assessment of health conditions that could lead to poorer health outcomes.


Improving men's health outcomes is a two-way process involving men, women and families, and health services combined.

It is important that men make use of health services to preventatively manage their health and find out before it's too late if problems exist. But equally, health services must create environments that support the ability of men to access healthcare effectively and support health services to treat men effectively.

When it comes to urological conditions, Mulgrave Private Hospital Urologist Mr Shekib Shahbaz explains over a million Australian men suffer from bothersome urinary symptoms caused by non-cancerous prostate enlargement (BPH). This can have a significant effect on overall quality of life, result in a lack of sleep as well as have a harmful effect on relationships. Approximately 3,500 Australian men die each year from prostate cancer. Some of these patients could be diagnosed and cured with early treatment.”

Effective, advanced robotic technology and minimally invasive treatments are available at Mulgrave Private Hospital for conditions relating men’s health and genitourinary conditions. These treatments can save lives, help restore urinary function and improve quality of life.

Further details about our urology services and specialists see our Urology Specialty page.