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Nurse in the spotlight: Mrs Sharda Naidu

As we continue to celebrate our incredible nurses, we shine the spotlight on Sharda Naidu.

Associate Nurse Unit Manager Sharda "I LOVE and am proud to be a nurse".

In the spirit of our continual celebration of the World Health Organisation's 2020 international year of the nurse and midwife, we take another moment to highlight the incredible role nurses play in the health and care they provide to patients, this time profiling Associate Nurse Unit Manager of our Burnet Ward, Mrs Sharda Naidu.

Nurse in the spotlight: Sharda Naidu

A nurse for 34 years, of which 23 have been here at Mulgrave Private Hospital, Sharda is an integral member of the Mulgrave Private team,

When asked what inspired her to become a nurse, Sharda shares her personal story;

In short, poverty and helplessness made me take a path towards nursing. Coming from a third world country with many obstacles to overcome, nursing provided a ray of hope and a way out. I have never looked back in my 34 years of nursing and firmly believe that choosing to become a nurse has been one of the best decisions of my life.

I LOVE and am proud to be a nurse.
  • What does being a nurse mean to you?
    Being a nurse means a whole world to me. Caring for someone who is unwell, vulnerable, experiencing any feelings of helplessness, or any other contributing issues and being able to communicate with them, be their advocate, make them comfortable, ensure their safe discharge and meet their needs is extremely rewarding. The challenge of having to provide the best of care within your practice guidelines is also very fulfilling. Overall enjoying, accepting good and challenging days and having the ability to make a real difference for someone who needs your care is what makes the role so special.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job? My current role. Its very challenging, Our ward is mix of many aspects of nursing like cardiac, telemetry monitoring, cardio thoracic surgeries and medical patients . This mixed bag keeps your brain working, challenged and wanting to learn more. I also thoroughly enjoy being able to mentor young / graduate nurses who are developing their skills in the early stages of their nursing careers. But most of all, I enjoy working as a part of a team and currently I have one of the best group of nurses to work with at Mulgrave Private Hospital.
  • Tell us about your nursing journey and experiences: My initial training was overseas where I got the best experience to learn to work under stressful circumstances with limited resources. After migrating to our beautiful Australia, I completed a conversion course at Deakin University, enabling me to work here. Upon my commencement I worked as a casual nurse for 4 years before taking up a permanent role on Burnet ward. I have experienced working in a range of areas including pre-admission clinic and also as a discharge planner. After some encouragement I took up the opportunity to undertake the role as an Associate Nurse Unit Manager (ANUM) which now allows me to look at management side of nursing, which I enjoy. Its been a long journey as a nurse and I have never regretted one moment.
  • What are your proudest nursing achievements? There have been many proud achievements along my nursing journey. I am unable to mention specifics, but I thoroughly enjoy being a nurse. I love to see when all our hard work is showing results when a Patient is getting better and going home happy. My other proud moment is when I see our new especially young nurses gain their confidence and become excellent nurses.

Mulgrave Private Hospital is privileged to have had Mrs Naidu contributing to the Mulgrave Private patient community for 23 years, she is a very valued member to the hospital.