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Nurse in the spotlight: Tarisha Horne

Our celebrations continue! Here we shine the spotlight on our Infection Control Coordinator, Tarisha Horne, who has played a vital role in protecting our hospital community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Profiling our Infection Prevention and Control Coordinator Tarisha Horne

As the World Health Organisation's 2020 international year of the nurse and midwife continues, so too does our celebration of our own super star nurses, through recognising and profiling some of the team and the incredible role they play. Here, we feature Tarisha Horne. Tarisha has had a tremendously busy year given the COVID-19 pandemic, playing a vital role in protecting the hospital community.

Nurse in the spotlight: Tarisha Horne

Tarisha has worked at Mulgrave Private Hospital for 11 years of the 23 years of her brilliant nursing career.

In describing what she enjoys most about her pivotal role, Tarisha explains;

I am always learning new things. I am always being challenged and I get to enjoy the comradeship of working with great people across all areas of our hospital.
  • Tell us about your nursing journey and experiences: I could never see myself becoming a nurse and after 'falling' into the profession I embraced it and my eyes were quickly opened as to how much nursing offered. It wasn't just ward nursing like I originally thought - there is so much more to the incredible field.

    I started at Mulgrave Private 11 years ago on the Orthopaedic ward, when I was asked to join the team as an Associate Nurse Unit Manager (ANUM). If you had asked me 5 years ago - where I would see myself, I saw myself continuing working on the wards, I definitely could not have predicted that I would be in the role of Infection Control. However, I have always been open to new challenges and keen to learn new things. Therefore, I embraced taking on this role and have learnt so much more than I could have imagined. In doing so, it has also broadened my expectations of what is required as a nurse.

    Prior to Mulgrave Private Hospital, I worked in a large public hospital on a colorectal-vascular ward caring for surgical patients with procedures ranging from AAA repairs to bowel resections. I acknowledge that I would not be where I am now if it was not for the Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) that I had on this ward. She was an 'old school' matron who you would not cross, but if she saw potential in her staff, she would provide them with so many opportunities. Through her guidance and support, I was given opportunities in nurse unit management (not only the ward I was working but an out patients department), nurse coordinating and joining many committees and other roles in the hospital.

    I have found this year with the COVID-19 pandemic challenging but extremely rewarding and have enjoyed working with all colleagues as a team and getting to know a lot of staff on a new level.
  • What do you enjoy most about your job? There are many things I love about my job. It's hard to name them all, but I will try to identify the key elements
    • There is never a dull day and you are always learning new things
    • Comradeship with the people I work with - staff across all areas
    • The privilege in spending time with patients and ensuring that I have been able to care for them to the best of my ability for that shift
    • The challenges that encompass my role and the need to continually learn and extend myself
  • What are your proudest nursing achievements? In a remarkable achievement, Mulgrave Private Hospital's Infection Prevention and Control Coordinator Tarisha Horne was named as one of the winners of 2020's Luye Life Sciences 26th Group Anniversary Celebration Awards. The Award Winners were announced at a distinguished event in Yantai, China attended by Chairman Liu and representatives from the Luye Life Sciences Group. Tarisha was nominated by her colleagues for her outstanding contribution to Mulgrave Private Hospital in the category of Star of Culture - Integrity.
    Her nomination noted “Tarisha is a Registered Nurse at Mulgrave Private Hospital. In her five years in the role, Tarisha has faced a variety of challenges some which were routine for her, yet some which have challenged and tested her. She has always demonstrated a calm, considered and pragmatic approach.”

Mulgrave Private Hospital is honoured to have Tarisha's expertise, dedication and commitment to infection control protocols and compliance, with her role being vital in protecting the health and safety of the Mulgrave Private hospital community.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Tarisha has been an exemplary representative of the Mulgrave Private Hospital team day in day out as well as being a key member of the Pandemic Steering Committee and of the hospital's Employee Engagement Committee.

Despite the challenges faced by the pandemic this year, Tarisha has remained calm, composed and acted with grace, poise and kindness always. She is constantly showing her appreciation and thanking colleagues for their support, fostering positive, productive teamwork and acting swiftly and reliably as the dynamic circumstances evolve.