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Nurse in the spotlight: Preethy George

"I am so passionate about nursing and love the complexity of critical care nursing" - shining the spotlight on Intensive Care Unit Clinical Nurse Specialist Preethy George

Celebrating our incredible nurses

World Health Organisation's 2020 international year of the nurse and midwife continues and so to does our spotlight, shining it on some of our incredible nurses, this time highlighting Mrs Preethy George, Clinical Nurse Specialist of our Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Nurse in the spotlight: Preethy George

A nurse of 16 years with 7 of those as a part of the Mulgrave Private family, Preethy plays an extremely important role as an ICU nurse, and explains what it means to her;

I am so passionate about nursing and love the complexity of critical care nursing. Providing compassionate care to seriously ill patients and acting as an advocate for the patient and their families in time critical situations gives me great satisfaction and keeps me going every day.
I believe that it is a special calling and not everyone can do nursing.
  • What inspired you to be a nurse?
    My sister was my inspiration to become a nurse. Once she started studying for nursing, I realised from her what a great job nursing is; a job where I can help sick people to get better, teach them and act as their advocate. I realised that nursing is a career where I can use all my potential to help the sick and needy to have a better life.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?
    I love the complexity of critical care nursing and the advanced measures in place to save a life. Being a nurse, I give myself as a whole every day because I know I could be the person that will change a life and the amount of trust that is given to me provides a sense of contentment and happiness to me.

  • Tell us about your nursing journey and experiences:
    I finished Masters in Nursing in medical and surgical nursing from India and worked for four years there. I then worked in Ireland for four years in ICU before migrating to Australia. Since then, I have been working in Mulgrave Private Hospital's Intensive Care Unit.

    I was sponsored for Post Graduate Diploma in critical care nursing by Mulgrave Private Hospital. During these years I had been touched by many lives and lots of experiences that have helped shaped me to be the nurse that I am today.
  • What are your proudest nursing achievements?
    There are lot of proud moments in my career.
    Every time my patient gets discharged from ICU and later goes home.
    Every time a patient gets better or survives a life threatening event.
    Every time a patient appropriately regains consciousness after suffering from a major life threatening event.
    The smile and satisfaction I see in my patients and their families is the greatest reward to me as a nurse.

Mulgrave Private Hospital is grateful and lucky to have the talented and passionate Preethy delivering quality patient care to those in our intensive care unit.