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Top tips for maintaining positive mental health during COVID-19

Healthe Care's Top 5 Tips for maintaining positive mental health and managing feelings of stress or anxiety associated with COVID-19.

Initially developed for our workforce, we thought these 5 top tips are worth sharing to the wider community as they may be of great benefit to anybody.

TIP #1 Practice good self-care

Self-care is an important part of daily life, however during times of uncertainty and this unprecedented situation with COVID-19 the need for self-care is more important than ever.

  • QUALITY SLEEP: Ensure you receive enough rest and respite
  • HEALTHY DIET: Fuel your body with a nutritious and balanced diet
  • STAY HYDRATED: Ensure you are drinking the recommended 2 litres a day
  • MAKE TIME: for activities and hobbies you enjoy

TIP #2 Stay connected

Social distancing doesn’t mean losing contact with those you love. Stay connected with family and friends by phone, text, email, social media or video-chat.

  • Call, text, or video-chat with friends and family
  • Share quick and easy recipes
  • Start a virtual book or movie club
  • Schedule a workout together over video chat
  • Join an online group or peer forum

TIP #3 Stay informed

Seek out accurate information from credible sources such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Australian Government Department of Health.

TIP #4 Maintain a healthy routine

Having a healthy routine can have a positive impact on your thoughts and feelings.

  • Focus on the activities you are still able to do
  • Read a book or listen to a podcast
  • Try a new hobby or skill

TIP #5 Seek support

Ensure you regularly check in with your friends, family, colleagues, your manager and your peers for support.

  • Activate your support network
  • Acknowledge feelings of distress
  • Seek professional support early if you’re having difficulties

Online resources and support: