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Welcoming residents of local aged care facility

With aged care facilities in Victoria currently suffering highest cumulative caseloads of COVID-19, Mulgrave Private Hospital is committed to supporting the community through these challenging times.

Over the past few days Mulgrave Private Hospital has admitted patients from Outlook Gardens Aged Care and Christian Retirement Village, as a result of the aged care facility having recorded multiple COVID-19 cases.

Mulgrave Private Hospital is engaged in a Comprehensive Agreement between the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and other private hospital operators, established to ensure the continuity of patient care, where it is needed most.

We are proud to be able to help our community by accommodating these local aged care residents in this time of significant need, and believe that the doctors, nurses and staff at our hospital have a significant role to play in assisting the public sector and our community to combat the far-reaching effect of COVID-19.

The arrangements for medical management and care of these aged care residents is currently being coordinated by a team of specialists on the hospital’s Harvie ward (dedicated ward).

These aged care residents are now our patients, and our team will do its utmost to ensure their safety, continuity of care and comfort. We will also ensure that their families and loved ones receive regular communication from the patients and our staff.

With strong compliance to robust protocols managed by the hospital’s Pandemic Steering Committee, the entire team at Mulgrave Private Hospital remains focused on ensuring the safety of all patients, staff and doctors.