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Harmony Day 2022

Mulgrave Private Hospital celebrates inclusion, unity and diversity this Harmony Day!

Paul Grossi on Harmony Day 2022

Why did you leave Italy?

- In 1968, Sicily faced strong earthquakes. As a result of the devastation my parents decided to migrate to Australia.

How was your experience as a migrant?

- It was very scary and frightening. I was 8 and a half when I first came to Australia with my family. I didn’t know a word of English. Coming to an English-speaking country, this made me feel unsure and scared of the future. I went to school, and had to adapt and create friendships with my new Australian friends. We didn’t have any Australian relations, we had to build our own life. And that we did.

Did you feel inclusion into our culture?

- Yes. When we first moved here, there were times where I felt a bit unsure. However, I did always feel a sense of belonging in Australia, and that hasn’t faded. I have grown up in this wonderful country.

How do you feel about being a part of a diverse team?

- Mulgrave Private Hospital enables a diverse working environment. It is wonderful to be a part of such a diverse team, with colleagues from all different walks of life. It makes for great story telling and sharing experiences, and of course a great opportunity to try lots of new food. Being a part of a diverse teams allows us to support each other and understand that everyone has their own life experiences. We all make time for each other to listen and hear our stories.

When did you join Mulgrave Private Hospital?

- I joined Mulgrave Private in 2017. I was able to try a few different roles around business office but took a liking to theatre administration.

What do you enjoy most about MGV?

- As a theatre bookings clerk, I really do enjoy coming to work. It is wonderful to be involved in the patient experience. Aside from the job itself, I enjoy coming to work because of our great culture. The relationships we build beyond our departments. I have built friendships with nurses, orderlies, executive members and doctors! We are all here to support and bring each other up. That’s what I love most.

Describe the culture at MGV

- Fun, supporting, diverse and embracing!

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