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Mr Jeremy Russell


  • Neurosurgery

Mr Jeremy Russell is an Australian trained neurosurgeon who manages all general neurosurgical conditions.

He has subspecialty expertise in both cerebrovascular and skull base neurosurgery, having obtained fellowships in both areas at the Toronto Western Hospital in Canada over a period of two years under world renowned neurosurgeons Prof Michael Tymianski and Prof Fred Gentili respectively.

Mr Russell uses the latest in imaging techniques, including Stealth Neuronavigation, functional MRI and cerebrovascular reactivity testing in formulating decisions for treating patient conditions and planning their surgeries.

For all cerebrovascular cases, he is one of few surgeons to uses state of the art intra-operative technology to perform angiograms (vessel imaging), ensuring complete exclusion of aneurysms and patency of surrounding vessels, significantly reducing the potential risk of stroke to patients.

His brain and spinal patients are offered neuro-monitoring in select cases, providing the surgeon with instantaneous electronic feedback on the patient’s nervous system function, allowing real time intra-operative modifications to surgery to avert or potentially reverse stroke injuries which would not otherwise be discovered until after the procedure and often too late.

Mr Russell works with an extensive team including neurologists, endocrinologists, interventional neuro-radiologists, neuro-anaesthetists, peri-operative physicians, chronic pain physicians, rehabilitation specialists, neuro-psychologists, nurses and physiotherapists.

With all these experienced minds in the one place; dedicated to one goal – your recovery – your care will be discussed from multiple academic perspectives; allowing your team to formulate a tailored and holistic solution to your brain or spinal condition.

Jeremy Russell Neurosurgeon

Main Consulting Rooms

Suite 9.2

89 Bridge Road

Richmond  Vic   3121

Phone: 03 9429 7888
Email: [email protected]
Also Consults at Mulgrave Private

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