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MAKO robotic Hip and Knee Replacements

MAKO Robot is now available at Mulgrave Private Hospital enabling hip and knee replacements for our patients with reduced length of stay, reduced pain and improved function

Mulgrave Private hospital now has access to the latest technology for hip and knee replacement surgery. The Mako Robot was used for the first time on 12th April 2024 at Mulgrave Private Hospital by Mr Rez Rahim (Orthopaedic surgeon) along with his assistant surgeon Lachlan McNamara for a total hip replacement procedure.

The Mako system uses a CT (computed tomography) scan of the patient's joint to generate a 3D virtual model of the individual anatomy. This model is loaded into the software of the MAKO system and used to create a patient specific pre-operative surgical plan. The robotic arm can then ensure that the implants can be positioned within 1mm of those plans.

Mr Rahim said the MAKO robot allows him and other surgeons to personalise the procedure to the patients’ specific anatomy.

Mr Emery was the first patient to undergo surgery assisted by the MAKO robot at Mulgrave Private Hospital. “I have had pain in my hip for 20 years. Once I could no longer walk the 100m to my community centre I decided something needed to be done. Having this procedure will mean I am able to help my wife more around the house and have a better quality of life.”

Mr Rahim said Mr Emery’s procedure was a success and our team were very excited to be part of this inaugural operation at Mulgrave Private hospital. He said “We are very pleased to be able to offer MAKO robotic assisted surgery to patients at Mulgrave. Some of my patients have been waiting months for the technology to arrive before having their procedure.”

Mulgrave Private Hospital CEO, Maree Wilson, says “At Mulgrave Private, we continue to make significant investments in the latest healthcare technologies being available to our surgeons who have undertaken further training in these specific techniques. We are proud to offer our surgeons the latest technology in knee and hip replacements at Mulgrave Private Hospital which complements our excellent patient outcomes in more traditional Orthopaedic procedures”.