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A Mulgrave First!

A wonderful achievement for Mr De Juan Ng and the team. Mulgrave Private Hospital continue to make significant investments in the latest technology to improve our patients' experiences.

Today, Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr De Juan Ng, completed the first knee replacement surgery at Mulgrave Private Hospital using our new ROSA (Robotic Orthopaedic Surgical Assistant) technology. The procedure was performed successfully, and our team were very excited to be part of this inaugural operation.

At Mulgrave Private Hospital,we are proud to offer our patients the latest technology in knee and hip replacement. The ROSA System supports our surgeons using a combination of cutting-edge technologies including computer navigation, soft tissue balancing, 3D modelling and robotics in one package. These technologies allow for a more accurate implant positioning, reduced risk of injury to adjacent tissues and smaller incisions. Robotic technologies have been developed with the aim of improving surgical precision and improving patient outcomes. Patient benefits can include faster recovery, shorter hospitalisation and better long-term function.

Please join us in congratulating our orthopaedic surgical team on this achievement. We look forward to many more ROSA procedures being performed at Mulgrave Private Hospital

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