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Mr Patrick Moore


  • Bariatric and Weight Loss Surgery
  • General Surgery

Dr. Patrick Moore has 19 years experience successfully helping people realise their weight loss goals when all else has failed. He has proudly established one of Melbourne’s leading weight loss centres, performing a wide range of weight reduction surgeries.

Patrick is proud to have been the first weight loss surgeon to bring the gastric sleeve surgery into the private & public hospitals in Victoria and he has performed over 2,100 weight loss surgeries.

“The most satisfying part of my job is seeing the drastic change in people’s lives. Witnessing how their true personalities come out. From being too scared to leave their home, unable to drive a car or fit on an aeroplane to laughing, smiling and having their first kiss or first date after 30 years of never dating! That’s what makes me show up every day for my patients.”

Phone: 03 9895 7215